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  1. Kasey says:

    Hey guys,

    Saw you at the Messengers run on May 30th. Your guys are very sweet and extremely respectful. Coming from the Midwest that is extremely impressive to me….. and Maverick has a smile that could light up any room! Lol. 😉 Hope you all have a great summer and perhaps I’ll see you again soon.
    Hugs and Kisses,

    Kassy Storm

  2. keith says:

    O.K. I broke down coming home from Yuma prison run, & Final Option came to the rescue! You’re posse shows up as if God Himself sent you with a back-up trailer in hand, & Your M.C. club……long story short did all to help. Loads my bike into the trailer expecting nothing from me at all, & the journey begins to return me to my wife and son.
    While on the free ride home “Biker Jim” has a simple discussion with me that helped me decide that I need to stop drinking & get into an “A.A.” meeting. This breakdown of my bike was no accident. God sent you guys to save me from myself & have come to a belief that I’m ready to get sober. I say that while cringing cause I really love to drink! arrrgh! I live in Ramona and if anyone knows where I go to to get out of this mess I got myself into. Thanks biker Jim! I’m ready to get repaired as much as my bike.

  3. admin says:

    Bob, I sent you an email. Hope to meet you soon. Hit me up at or hope to see you at our breakfast. 1st Sunday of each month on the roof of Sweet Water HD.


  4. bobprager says:

    I’ve been riding Harley’s all my life, rode past one of your boys today,would like to meet the crew.


  5. I’ve always thought you guys are the coolest people I’ve ever met. You guys went on a charity ride in aid of my wife who is unhealthy, who is named Vicki Simmons. One of you broke down with a bad battery so we jus hung out a bit. I’ll tell ya. I really enjoyed you guys even if we weren’t on the road the whole run. We ended up back at the Kettner Harley dealer later and I think I still got pics of “Mouse” & “Funsize” & cant remember everyone but man! I sure fell in love with all of you! I later bumped into you at last years Yuma prison run. I plan on going again & am bringing others. Hope to bump into you guys again cause like I said, I think you people are awsome!! I hope you are all well.
    Keith and Vicki Simmons.

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