In Memory Of

Brother Blake “Lucky” Cox

Blake “Lucky” Cox on the road home from Spring Fling


Brother Nathan “Caveman” Mallory

Nathan “Caveman” Mallory Christmas party at Mose House – 1970-2020
Kenith "MAC" Macoy out at Lake Henshaw Ca
Kenneth “MAC” McCoy out at Lake Henshaw 1948-2019
Thomas “Leprechaun” Cahill 1936-2018
Brother John “JC” Hopkins (The day he got patched) 1947 – 2017
Brother “Squeeze‘ Club life may have been short but will be forever.
Mantis Chapter 4 Rest In Peace Brother 8/20/46 - 8/8/14
Mantis Chapter 3
Rest In Peace Brother
8/20/46 – 8/8/14
Buzz speaking at Banner 1998
Bones & Jake – RIP Bones
Goofy and the boys at a run. RIP Goofy
RIP brother “Goofy” Left with, Country, Termite, Sparky, Howie, and Dan up at Pala.
Our Founder “Lee” Dunsmore (Seated  Center)