In Memory Of

Brother Blake “Lucky” Cox

Blake “Lucky” Cox on the road home from Spring Fling


Brother Nathan “Caveman” Mallory

Nathan “Caveman” Mallory Christmas 2015 at the Mouse house
Kenith "MAC" Macoy out at Lake Henshaw Ca
Kenneth “MAC” McCoy out at Lake Henshaw 1948-2019
Brother John “JC” Hopkins (The day he got patched) 1947 – 2017
Brother “Squeeze‘ Club life may have been short but will be forever.
Mantis Chapter 4 Rest In Peace Brother 8/20/46 - 8/8/14
Mantis Chapter 3
Rest In Peace Brother
8/20/46 – 8/8/14
Buzz speaking at Banner 1998
Bones & Jake – RIP Bones
Goofy and the boys at a run. RIP Goofy
RIP brother “Goofy” Left with, Country, Termite, Sparky, Howie, and Dan up at Pala.
Our Founder “Lee” Dunsmore (Seated  Center)